Generators outdoor generator So how can you prepare for a power outage? One of the best ways may be a standby generator. The devices are wired directly into a home’s circuit breaker box and turn on automatically whenever there’s an outage. Unlike a portable generator, you don’t have to hook it into your home’s electrical system in an emergency.

Choosing A Standby Generator:  You can buy your generator from a home improvement retailer, online retailer or from a generator dealer who will offer installation and service. Whichever method you choose, make sure it comes from a reputable store or dealer and with a comprehensive warranty.

Room Heaters space heaters Get ready to warm any space in your home, cabin, garage or workshop with a vented or vent-free, incredibly efficient propane space heater. These heaters are also extremely safe by protecting you against the dangers of carbon monoxide. They will automatically shut down if oxygen levels fall below a specified threshold. We offer a wide array of room heaters designed to meet your needs from wall-mounted heaters to portable heaters that fit onto a 20 or 100 lb. tank.

FireplacesCounty Propane Winter Service Fireplace  Want the ambiance of a fireplace without having to clean up dirty soot and ash from a wood fire? Look no further than a clean, propane fireplace to warm up any room. They turn on and off easily with a simple switch or remote control eliminating any worry about remaining embers. They can be installed as either a freestanding unit or a wall inset in a variety of designs.