Does your water heat up quickly or slowly?
Have you ever run out of hot water when you needed it the most?

According to the American Council for and Energy-Efficient economy, the average household uses more than 19,000 gallons of hot water each year. Of that, an average of 55 gallons per day is used for bathing, washing dishes, doing laundry and general cleaning.

Propane water heaters have a rapid recovery rate, meaning they can efficiently meet your daily demands for hot water in a cost-effective manner, saving you up to 16 percent in annual energy costs compared with electric models.


It’s important to check your water heater regularly for corrosion, water around or under your tank, clogged/rusted/broken vent pipes or other issues that can negatively impact performance and safety.

When it’s time to replace your aging water heater, upgrade to the performance and savings of propane.

Contact a Propane Solutions Representative to learn more about how you can enjoy endless hot water and savings.