How do I open an account?

You can call our number between 7am until 5pm and talk to one of our office staff members or fill out the Contact Form and a representative will contact you shortly.

Do you offer automatic delivery?


How can I tell if my tank is low?

The tank will have a gauge which will tell you approximately the percent of gas still left in the tank.

What if I need to contact County Propane after normal business hours?

We have personnel on-call 24 hours a day, every day of the year, who can handle any EMERGENCY problems which may arise. Just call (610) 269-7900 for service issues.

How do I pay my bill?

We leave a bill at your door with every delivery. You can simply mail us a check within 30 days or we accept Master Card, Visa and Discovery. We can bill your credit cards automatically if you prefer.

Is propane the same as natural gas?

It is similar, but not the same. Propane is stored outside your house in our tank. It is dispensed as a liquid and stored as a liquid. When it leaves the tank, it vaporizes and turns into a gas. It enters your house as a gas and burns as a gas. Appliances such as kitchen stoves, dryers and furnaces, which come ready to use with natural gas, can be easily converted to be used with propane. Hot water heaters, room heaters and fireplaces must be purchased for use with propane.


The customer is responsible for monitoring the gauge on the propane tank and calling to place an order for refill. Please call for a refill when the gauge is reading a minimum of 35-40% capacity remaining. We are in your area one day per week. A delivery will be made during normal business hours the next time the delivery truck is in your area on a normal delivery route. PLEASE NOTE THIS MAY BE UP TO 10 DAYS FROM WHEN ORDER IS PLACED AND ALSO SUBJECT TO CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND OUR CONTROL.

If a delivery cannot be made due to circumstances (tank inaccessibility, road closures, weather conditions, etc.) the delivery will be attempted again during the next normal delivery route in your area.

DELIVERY FEE of up to $250 will be applied to deliveries which the remaining fuel in the tank warrants an immediate delivery – less than 10% when the order is placed and to emergency deliveries made after normal business hours or on weekends. Also a delivery fee will be applied to deliveries with an outstanding balance due over 30 days.


If you wish to be on an AUTO-FILL status, please contact the office.

Phone: 610-269-7900 | 215-365-3200